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About us

Haiti Survie is a private-sector organization, bringing together people working development, particularly in the agricultural and environmental sectors. environmental sector. The organization was founded on June 5, 2003 in Port-au-Prince. Haiti survie is a Haitian organization that promotes activities linked to sustainable development, environmental environmental protection (soil and water conservation), raising awareness, training environmental environmental actors and the rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems the promotion and strengthening of the agricultural sector, the main pillar of the Haitian Haiti's economy. Haiti Survie is also a forum for exchange and discussion for those involved in the development intervening in the development sector and grassroots organizations.

Our mission

Striving to build a prosperous Haitian society where the environment is protected

Our vision

Our vision stems from a global observation as well as a national one, highlighting the inequalities that characterize our world today. These inequalities manifest themselves at every level, and are equally perceptible between men, women and children. Our vision is to cultivate hope for real change. We firmly believe that this change is achievable, because the resources needed to improve living conditions are available. As long as this inequitable distribution persists on a global scale, conditions will remain unchanged, because they are intrinsically linked to this reality. They are also influenced by political and social injustice, lack of access to education and training, and prevailing mentalities such as division and defeatism. Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

Organizational structure

Haiti Survie has two functional offices equipped with the logistical and human resources resources to implement its activities. Haiti Survie has 10 full-time employees and calls on external resources (consultants) as needed. Haiti Survie currently has an agricultural farm in Acul Samedi. In implementing implementation of certain actions, we sometimes open project offices to facilitate better better coordination of action.
Here are the contact addresses of the offices:
Delmas 65 Rue Zamor # 3
Tel : 29 40 24 40
Rue Saint-Anne # 43
Tel : 29 40 24 41
Acul Samedi : Haïti Survie agricultural farm


Haiti Survie works in collaboration with a number of local organizations, and is a member of a number of international networks. is a member of a number of international networks within which it develops activities environmental protection, combating desertification and climate change. and climate change.
Haiti Survie is developing partnerships with Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Public Works (MTPTC), the Ministry of Agriculture. In the various communes where the organization is active, it local authorities (Mairie, ASEC and CASEC).
Haiti Survie is a member of the sectoral roundtables. It promotes consultation between all stakeholders in its areas of intervention.
Haiti Survie actively participates as a civil society player in the development of national strategic documents. national strategic documents. For example, it was heavily involved in drawing up the CPDN (Contribution Prévue Déterminée au Niveau Nationale), the elaboration of the the National Action Plan to combat desertification, and was involved in drawing up the PANFRO (Programme d'Action Binationale dans la Zone Frontalière - Binationally in the fight against desertification).

In addition to member participation, Haiti Survival is financially supported by :
  • Christian Aid
  • World Jewish Relief
  • NOAH
Haiti Survie receives small amounts of funding from :
  • Friends of the Earth International
  • GAIA
  • GWPC
  • CAN-LA
  • CAN-I
In the past, Haiti Survie has received funding to implement projects:
  • The Finnish Fund for International Cooperation(Government of Finland)

Haiti Survie has also supported the implementation of programs (arboriculture rainwater management) financed by the Fonds d’Assistance Economique et Social (FAES) for the benefit of rural communities.

Haiti Survie is a member of national and international networks:
- Plateforme des Acteurs de la société Civile sur les changements climatiques
- Friends of the Earth International
- ATALC (Amigos de la Tierra America Latina y Caribe)
- CYEN (Caribbean Youth Environment Network)
- CAN-LA (Climate Action Network Latin American and Caribbean)
- GAIA (Global Action Anti Incinerator)
- Global Water Patnership Caribbean
- NEAR. Haïti Survie travaille avec d’autres groupes de la région Amérique Latine et Caraïbe sur l’agro écologie.